Affordable Touchscreens

Move Forward

The latest technology advances in interactive touchscreen displays has arrived with the new Activ2Touch LED panels. The P-series range of Activ2Touch panels offer many excellent features to engage and captivate your audience but none more than the advantages this technology has over data projectors and interactive whiteboards.

No more shadowing, lamp replacement costs, filter cleaning, dull images, obtrusive wall mounted projectors. Move forward now to the next stage of interactive technology!

Shine On

The stylish simplistic design of the Activ2Touch panels make them suitable in every environment. The touch screen has a reflective protection glass surface to help reduce the reflection of light making it ideal for use in bright environments.

The true full high definition resolution of 1920 x 1080 gives the sharpest picture quality when viewing images and reading small fonts or spreadsheets on screen. Embedded IR touch sensors provide quick active response giving you a solid performance all round.

10-touch control

The new P-Series technology has advanced to 10 touch control and this is certainly what Activ2Touch is all about. When using interactive software packages and with the latest operating systems from Microsoft™ and Apple™, there is no need for external drivers.

The Activ2Touch panels are designed to offer Multi-touch from the embedded PC or from an external PC/Laptop via the USB switch.

Promote your school or organisation

The Activ2Touch is ideal for the simplest digital signage presentations. There are 2 dedicated USB media drive inputs that can run movies, photos, text files and music. The internal media player is operated via the IR remote control and the software is user friendly.

An information kiosk (with touchscreen functionality) could even be run off the software of your choice, using the Activ2Touch’s built-in PC.